Christian Amín Vàrkonyi - Sound traveler & Musician


Founder of Heartbeat Music, shows the heart as a source of expression.

Keeper of Music of the Sun, stands for happiness, warmth and collaboration.


Plays a wide range of instruments, composes, sings and writes own lyrics

to remember the power of the moment, the thoughts and the spoken word. 


Exploring therapeutic aspects of sound and music with crystal singing bowls

~ overtone harp ~ gong ~ hang ~ handpan ~ guitar ~ charango ~ flutes ~ voice and overtone singing.

His main instrument is probably Hang & Handpan, which have been in his hands since 2005.


Was taught and familiarized with Afro Cuban and Brazilian rhythms by his father, also a musician.


The harmonious gateway to the world of overtones and its invitation to introspection, have a great influence on his music. Likewise the extended journeys into other cultures, teachers and indigenous peoples.



“Music arises from stillness, weaves a translation of spirit and again dissolves into Stillness.” Amín