photo: Guenter Hauer
photo: Guenter Hauer

 Christian Amín Vàrkonyi, musician born 1985 in Vienna.

Researching therapeutic aspects of sound and music.

Since 2003 he plays Hang & Percussion and more recently Pantam, Charango, Handpan & Flutes.


Amín has released a variety of solo CDs as well as band projects focusing on healing and consciousness as human beings.

As an artist he has performed around 500 concerts on stages throughout Europe, Russia and South America, where he spends extended periods of time learning from shamans, master musicians, culture and people.


Afro-Cuban and Brazilian grooves are an influential part of his music, as well as the harmonic door of overtone music which, for him, is an invitation, into a world of inner peace.





“Music arises from stillness, weaves a translation of spirit and again dissolves into Stillness.” Amín