A meditative and joyful experience of Hang, Handpan, Pantam Music and its deep touching sound creates a sacred space to cultivate Heart presence. Original compositions and circle Songs on Charango and Guitar take you on a Journey to Yourself. Native American Flute let you remind forgotten depths of your Soul.

An Intimate Concert, Heartbeat* music of the sun sound healing Journey 

Waters of Wisdom Hang Solo Album dedicated to the Waters of the planet and healing principles within us


Circle Music and Medicine Songs Aayam is a Duo Project of Andrea Marquez & Amín with a strong Message to reconnect to mother nature. Songs in Spanish and Portuguese weaving softly a way into the heart.

Freedom Cafe

World music and circle Songs, a truly colorful Band with members from several Parts of Europe who occasionally come together for joyous celebration of life and music that keep the Body young and the Spirit fresh. 

A Video from the Synagoge Concert 2011

with Freedom Cafe in Budapest





Through music I try to build a bridge between people & nature