Dreamtime Album





100% self composed arranged and recorded after a two year work in progress the new Album is Available and has been presented twice on a european concert Tour.

Hang music

 I have started to record music out of passion in my early youth. From free styling on Hip Hop tapes to singing on Reggae riddims. Studying sound engineering and practicing the art of recording with Studio Artist and Reggae drummer Sam Gilly from house of riddim. Following the rhythm of my heart I started to play Instruments. First  Cuban Conga, taught by my father and then Hang, guided by its unique magic. I recorded my first CD and founded heartbeat music to inspire and share. 

music for relaxation, bodywork, healing work, yoga & meditation

simplicity indeed

playing music opens up a place of peace and tender from within. All of this music that is listed here has been created from that space with the intention of inner peace. 




"slow down, find peace and celebrate from there"  Amin